Getting blessed & offering as Thai way

The Temple of Dawn,on Thonburi side
1-6 buddies
3 hours activity
About your host
My name is STAR who is expert in Bangkok where I grew up here.
I am a good Buddhist and travel guide licensed for almost 10 years. I am so glad to show you how my hometown is. Of course, the Thai real culture is one of what I proudly present and let you experience as same as what I do. As a good Buddhist and working in tourism business, I will choose the temple where you can learn, listen for monk chanting and getting blessed for your memorable while being in a Buddhist country or for your special opportunity as new marriage or birthday blessing.
What will we do
I will bring you to activity the real Thai culture in the royal first grade temple to listen to monk chanting, offering, getting blessed from the monk in a cozy place where you can focus and purify your mind peacefully.

We will meet at the pier where we need to take a local ferry for 20 minutes to reach temple and I will take you to visit a flower market that runs 24 hours and the biggest of Thailand after all Buddhist ceremony has been done.
At the end of this activity, we will return to the pier where we left or you can separately continue visiting more sites around Bangkok old area later.
Where we meet
BTS Saphan Taksin Station Exit 2
What we will provide for you
  • Soft drink
  • Temple entrance fee
  • Local ferry
  • Flower and offering items
  • If you wish to add more items or donation. You can bring on your own.
What you have to bring
  • Please wear the dress that closeup shoulder and long pants. (at least cover your knee)
Extra conditions
  • For any reason for late coming. We will wait only 10 mins